Dominican Republic rejects claims of inhumane treatment of Haitians

The Dominican foreign policy authority reaffirmed its commitment to human rights and the dignity of all individuals, stating that Dominican authorities operate properly within the framework of due process and do not require external warnings.

“We regret that social media is being used over diplomatic channels. The newly installed Haitian government should collaborate with the Dominican Republic, which has shown willingness to assist Haiti in returning to stability,” the Ministry stated in a series of tweets.

The Haitian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship expressed regret on Tuesday over the deaths of three of its nationals in the Dominican Republic and urged Dominican authorities to investigate the circumstances and identify those responsible.

“The Haitian government regrets that, once again, Haitian citizens have been subjected to inhuman treatment in the border area and neighboring territory,” the ministry said in a statement, noting that the Haitian Embassy in Santo Domingo is informed and will follow up on the case.

Earlier, the Support Group for Repatriated and Refugees (GARR), a Haitian NGO, reported the death of a repatriated person and the double “murder” of Haitian nationals within a week in the Dominican Republic.

“It is common practice in the Dominican Republic for Haitians to be killed for no reason. When it is not the Dominican military, it is ordinary citizens who are responsible,” the NGO stated.

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