Global Leaders Endorse AI and Open Source Collaboration for Ethical Standards at United Nations Symposium

The OSPOs for Good symposium at the UN headquarters highlights the critical role of open source principles in advancing ethical AI globally.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES , July 10, 2024 / — At the OSPOs for Good symposium held at the United Nations headquarters, influential global thought leaders convened to discuss the integration of AI systems with open source principles to promote human values and societal well-being. The symposium, featuring key figures such as Philip Thigo (United Nations, Executive Director for Africa), Ashley Kramer (GitLab, CSO & CMO), and Stefano Maffulli (OSI, Executive Director), underscored a collective commitment to harnessing open data for the public good.

The panel opened with Ashley Kramer from GitLab, who delineated the critical differences between open source software and AI technologies. Kramer emphasized the urgent need for an accessible open source AI definition, which Stefano Maffulli of OSI is addressing through community-driven efforts. “The execution of AI with open source principles is not just beneficial but essential for sustainable technological advancement,” Maffulli stated.

Amid discussions, it became evident that while AI promises significant productivity gains—with potential increases in software development efficiency by up to 45% according to McKinsey and a substantial impact on global GDP as suggested by GitHub—the ethical deployment of AI remains a paramount concern. All panelists concurred that the integrity of AI is deeply tied to the quality of data it uses, which must be openly accessible to mitigate biases and build trust.

Highlighting the shift from open-source beginnings to proprietary dominance, Craig Ramlal from the University of the West Indies pointed out the growing divide this transition creates. “To bridge this gap, we need to democratize access to open data, talent, and computing power,” Ramlal advocated.

Sasha Luccioni from Hugging Face discussed how low-code and no-code platforms are pivotal for fostering inclusive technological development. “These tools lower barriers to entry and enable broader participation in AI development, from the ground up,” Luccioni explained.

Echoing the sentiment of collaboration, Sergio Gago of Moody’s Analytics highlighted the volatile nature of AI advancements. “What is true today may not hold tomorrow—hence, collective effort is our strongest strategy,” he noted.

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